Trade, Trademark , Copyright or Legal/Commercial Representation towards Law and Patent Offices.

intelligence gathering

Pre-investment intelligence gathering and pinpointing the relevant governing agencies with oversight in each particular scenarios.

documentation service

Documentation Services related to the regional Free Trade Zones, Transport lexicon within Turkey.

business development

Business Development. Establishing company, liaison office and entity management.

global and teritorial management

Global and Territorial Operations Management. Distributorship Arrangement and Management.


Entrepreneurial Start-ups. Coaching & Market Introduction Planning.

brand representation

Brand Representation. Brand Management. Brand Ambassador.

project management

Project management and consulting.


Providing reports of the following inspection and surveillance services with a legal Proxy given > Foreign Trade Surveillance (Full scope of surveillance services). Pre-shipment inspection (A very wide scope of PSI services, esp. in the field of technical products). Supplier Audits (assessment of sub-contractors and suppliers). Process Audits (process validation, risk assessment, safety inspections). Product Audits (unit and party verification). Witness Inspections (witness controls of the suppliers’ test, inspection, and validation protocols).

raw materials

Supplying Raw Material or Semi-Products, Providing OEM, Private Label or Geographic Branded Products, Providing Machinery Spare Parts and accessories.

distributorship network

Distributorship network and management.

Please note that, we are neither a law firm nor an authorized auditing notified body BUT just the service provider in your name.

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