privacy policy of import export company armay

Privacy Policy

On Website we are taking your privacy very seriously. Here is what kind of personal data we are collecting and how we are using them.

In order to answer to your questions or requirements, we are collecting:
Your Name
E-mail Address

On our Website we are using log files like any other website. We are using Google Search Console and Google Analytics plugin for getting to know who is visiting our Website. These tools gives us detailed statistics about website traffic and traffic sources to our Website.

Our site also logs information about when user enter Website, which sites visited and how long stayed on specific pages.

Such gathered information are not linked to any personal data and we make sure that our tools are in accordance with GDPR.

IP addresses are hashed. It means that we will not store IP addresses in the database but instead we are using unique hash. Recovery of IP addresses in the future is impossible.

Our Website is using cookies to store visitors preferences, which pages user visited and to provide good custom experience. You can disable cookies by modifying your Internet browser settings. For more information about cookies please visit this page.

We do not share, rent, sell any of your information to others. We are not distributing it to third parties.

This Privacy Policy applies only to this Website. However we  are providing links to other websites and we can not guarantee privacy standards of those websites.

We are using gathered non-personal information to run this Website, to make it user-friendly, and to personalize user experience.

We need your personal information such as email and name to be able to contact with you.

The data controller is Mr. Aykut ÖZMEN and you can contact him this way.

We are doing everything to protect your data against unauthorized access, alternation, disclosure and destruction of information stored on our Website.

We make sure all Website is up to date and all necessarily security measures have been taken such as firewall and password protection.

Only personal data we have is data you have given us via mail. You can contact us if you want to delete your data and mail information.

For analytics purposes we are storing anonymized data for 26 months.

Our Website has the discretion to update this privacy policy any time. Please check this Website frequently in order to stay informed about current changes.

Information about updates and date of update will be placed at the bottom of this page.

If you require more information or have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us by email.

By using this site you signify your acceptance to this Policy.

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