You need a partner that is for you and with you on the front lines.

Markets are in constant and rapid change, that is why Armay is ready, informed, proactive and right there whenever our business partner needs us.


We are experienced global trade professionals with nearly 25 years of experience on both the selling and buying sides of the table and manufacturing.

Through years, we have gained a keen understanding of how business really gets done, where are the cliffs and highways, avoiding risks and still keep the “can-do” attitude…

International business

Succeeding in international business uniquely requires domestic expertise, plus commercial vision.

Every country naturally has its own unwritten regulations, habits, nuances and ways of doing things. You will need a support so as not to face with prolonging obstacles.

This is where we would like to offer our services to follow all the needed path to move on.


Our primary focus is on finding like-minded partners for companies who are looking for strategic partnerships in different regions of the world, as every region has an advantageous and disadvantageous story to tell.

We are able to provide both service organizations as well as direct suppliers.

Armay’s primary objective is our partner’s satisfaction for sustainable business co-operation and building a long lasting business model that stands on trust, good will and mutual success.

We are your in-country team!

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